Textures Gold

We take a look at the techniques that define rug-making craft, revealing layering carved texture and space-dying to create unique effects.

There is something fascinating about taking an inward look at our craft, but it is not introspection without intent. Revealing burgeoning trends that remain ‘below the radar’, there is purpose to the self-analysis of our occupation and our wish to be masters of our craft. 

Space-dyeing has revealed itself as a key treatment for yarns, revealing a subtle multi-tonal approach to block colour that yields a delightful melange effect.

Textures Gold applies space-dying techniques to some of the strongest interior trends.We’ve then layered in texture with a high/low pile and deep carving, an ode to fashion’s current love affair with layering distinct textures.

Hand-tufted in India, Textures Gold uses heavyweight wool, blended with viscose in Iris to further dramatic poise, for rugs of exceptional quality.

Alpaca Rug Sizes


Hand Tufted



Iris Rug


Loxley Grey Rug

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