Attention to detail is second to none on these glorious silky soft flatweave chenille rugs.

Lavish your home with one of these divine rugs. Using an age old traditional pattern, each rug is intricately woven with this beautifully delicate weave.

The silky soft acrylic chenille has a shimmering layer of intense shine that creates a metallic look. Soft plush fibres are woven to give a delicate feel and the colour is enhanced by the gentle distressed look. With a stain resistant protective surface to ensure longevity and ageless good looks.

These rugs are created in Turkey by craftsmen, experts in the delicate process required to really bring these high sheen plush rugs to life. A true showstopper for any room in the home.

And, with the added bonus of our Stain resistant technology, you can be assured this masterpiece retains its timeless beauty. Capable of withstanding everything from oil based substances to wine, coffee or whatever those cherished little ones spill or drop, you’ll still have the added assurance Palais will retain its glamour – whatever life throws at it!

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