As much an icon of the Peruvian Andes as the bulldog is to Britain Alpaca brings a unique look to designs inspired by the folk craft of their shepherds.


Celebrating the delightful qualities of Alpaca fleece and homaging the spirited and colourful textiles adorned by their attentive shepherds, this collection is on-trend this season. Alpaca fur is renowned for its warmth and hypo-allergenic qualities as it contains non of the lanolin that comes in many other natural fibres.

Natural ultra soft fibres and equisite hand-craftmanship form the basis for two striking designs, one distinctly classic the other unmistakably contemporary. Adding lyocell, a fibre extracted from wood, to Alpaca adds a shimmering lustre and a bright reflective light quality; a nuance highlighted by the use of glimmering metallic tones.

Alpaca is also renowned for its deep luster, as its luxuriously smooth handle using fine wilton weaving to give clarity, definition and distinct defined subtle tonal combinations.

Alpaca Rug Sizes
Alpaca wool/Lyocell
Wilton Woven

Huacaya Beige Rug


Huacaya Grey Rug


Suri Grey Rug

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