The Benefits of Alpaca Wool

To celebrate Wool Week, we thought we would share with you the wonderful benefits of Alpaca wool.

Alpaca is renowned for its quality, durability and luxurious silky soft fibres. Known for over 6000 years as the “Fibre of the Gods”, it was first brought to the UK in 1836 during Queen Victoria’s reign. There are two main breads of Alpaca, Suri and Huacaya which has a denser crimped coat. 

So what’s so special about Alpaca wool?  Explore the reasons below:


Alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin, unlike sheep’s wool, which means it’s hypoallergenic. Lanolin can irritate the skin, making Alpaca wool the perfect solution for those that are sensitive to sheep wool or other natural fibres.


Alpaca comes in 22 natural colours, ranging from white through to brown, black and maroon. The fibre is also very porous and takes to and retains dyes easily without losing the natural sheen. Alpaca products are therefore beautifully finished with minimal processing.


Alpaca is a renewable fibre and is one of the most eco-friendly textiles. With little processing required to turn the fibre into a luxurious yarn, production leaves a minimal footprint on the planet.

No Moisture Absorption

Alpaca fibres do not absorb moisture and are a natural choice for rugs as spills can be easily be blotted.


Alpaca is naturally resistant and is known to be flame, water, odour, stain and wrinkle resistant making it an ideal fibre for rugs.


If you’re looking for durability as well as beauty, look no further than Alpaca wool. Though lightweight, Alpaca fibres are up to seven times stronger than sheep’s wool.

If you’re looking for a rug that can stand the test of time, whilst still brimming with softness and shimmering lustre, look no further than our Alpaca collection.

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